During May 13-16 2015 the 5thbiennial Summer Institute of the International Society for Human Ethology will take place in Athens/Greece, reflecting the growing interest of Greek scholars and students in this important discipline.

The conference will be hosted by the National Technical University of Athens, a renowned academic institution, and is organized by the country’s Human Ethology Group (Hellenic-human-ethology@hotmail.com) with the aim to continue the tradition of Summer Institutes providing a platform for presenting and discussing selected presentations in the field of human perception, emotion, thought and behavior.


The Hotel can be reached easily from the Airport of Athens by:

            Bus X95           Ticket price 5,-EURO, every 15 min, and ca. 40min until the hotel                          

                                     (Hotel bus station : “Stasi Karanika”)

Metro               Ticket price 8,- EURO,  every 10 min, and ca. 30min time.                  

                         Metro station “Panormou”, and a few minutes pedestrian

            Taxi                 ca. 35,- EURO (airport – hotel or center of Athens)


Emergency call           166

Police                          100

For any further questions you can reach the organizers under the Emergency Phone Number 0030 6975 980313

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Wednesday, May 13th

3:005:00pm ISHE Board of Officers Meeting

5:007:00pm Registration and Welcome Evening

7.008.00pm Plenary talk

Does play matter? Arguments about the role of play in animals and humans

Peter K Smith

Thursday, May 14th

8:309:00 Registration desk open. Set up posters.

9:009:20 Welcome Address and Opening Remarks

9:2010:40 Paper Session 1

Facial shape predicts aspects of health: A geometric morphometric modelling study

Ian D Stephen, Vivian Hiew, Vinet Coetzee & David I Perrett

Actual and preferred homogamy among different-sex and same-sex male couples: A cross-cultural study

Zuzana Štěrbová, Klára Bártová, Lenka Martinec Nováková, Marco A.C. Varella, Jan Havlíček, Jaroslava Varella Valentova

Infant pedomorphism in semi-precocial non-mammalian species enhances human caretaking reactions

Daniel Kruger

Capturing gender differences in Facebook profile photos

Sigal Tifferet & Iris Vilnai-Yavetz

10:4011:00 Coffee Break

11:0012:20 Paper Session 2

Summer crew’s adaptive behavior in the Arctic during the Tara expedition.

Carole Tafforin

The impact of dominance on partner’s height preferences and height-related mate choices

Agnieszka Sabiniewicz, Piotr Sorokowski & Agnieszka Sorokowska

The impact of artificial fragrance use on mate quality cues in body odour

Caroline Allen, Kelly D. Cobey, Jan Havlíček & S. Craig Roberts

Olfactory processing and odor specificity: a meta-analysis of menstrual cycle variation in olfactory sensitivity

Jan Havlíček, Lenka Martinec Nováková & S. Craig Roberts

12:201.40 Lunch

1:403:00 Paper Session 3

Discrepancy between the image of ideal and actual partner

Radka Kučerová & Jan Havlíček

A mathematical model for male homosexuality and birth order

Hermann Prossinger, Justin R. Garcia & Elisabeth Oberzaucher

Evolutionary explanations for sex differences and similarities in how nonmarital breakups are experienced

Tara DeLecce & Glenn Weisfeld

From Seikilos epitaph to the composer-architect Iannis Xenakis :modes,mathematics and aesthetics.

Gerhard  Apfelauer

3:005:00 Poster Session

Presenters of odd numbered posters should be available from 3:00 - 4:00 pm, even numbered posters from 4:005:00pm.

1. How a situation of violence can influence an ethnic community? The case of the Greeks in Sudan.

Antonios Chaldeos

2. Null effect of birth order on relationship satisfaction

Petr Tureček & Jan Havlíček

3. The attractiveness of soccer players in uniform

Sigal Tifferet, Ido Machnes & Noam Pick

4. Prospect and refuge: preferred qualities of home preferences


Amy E. Webb & Maryanne L. Fisher


5. Food sharing behaviours preceding sexual intercourse: a feederism consideration


Amy E. Webb & Maryanne L. Fisher


6. Effect of fragrance use on discrimination of individual body odour

Caroline Allen, Jan Havlíček & S. Craig Roberts

7. Is this seat taken? - Examining minimal territories and personal space in the subway

Christoph Weinlinger, Anna Ensberger & Elisabeth Oberzaucher

8. Disgust sensitivity, progesterone level and leukocyte count across menstrual cycle

Barbara Borkowska, Agnieszka Żelaźniewicz, Judyta Nowak & Bogusław Pawłowski

9. Sex ratio influences the motivational salience of facial attractiveness

Amanda C. Hahn, Claire I. Fisher, Lisa M. DeBruine & Benedict C. Jones

10. Inflammation level fluctuation in menstrual cycle as a marker of reproductive potential

Judyta Nowak, Agnieszka Żelaźniewicz, Barbara Borkowska & Bogusław Pawłowski

11. An ethological assessment of coffee calorie and caffeine consumption among college students

Jessica S. Kruger, Daniel J. Kruger & Jon Elhai

12. Maternal breast and body symmetry in pregnancy and newborn’s condition

Agnieszka Żelaźniewicz & Bogusław Pawłowski

13. Disgust and facial expression recognition across the menstrual cycle

Ana Mikolić

14. Evolved cultural mechanisms and informational cultural selection

Ani Bajrami

15. Personality is related to sexual behavior and facial masculinity in young Chilean men

Valeska Cid Jofré & & Rodrigo A. Vásquez

16. Mate value, marital satisfaction and attachment style predict romantic dyad’s emotional co-regulation

Ana Patricia Kinkead& Ana María Fernández

17. Violence in intimate relationships: an evolutionary perspective

Paula Pavez & Ana María Fernández

18. Facial similarity in couples who met while the woman was using hormonal contraception

Francesca Singleton and S. Craig Roberts

5:006:00 Transfer to the Old Parliament Building

6.007.15 Plenary Talk

In search of the human condition - From classic Greek thinkers to present day Human Ethology

Wulf Schiefenhövel

Friday, May 15th

8:309:00 Registration desk open

9:0010:20 Paper Session 4

Where to sit – environmental preferences affect seat choice in public transport

Susanne Schmehl, Kathrin Masuch & Elisabeth Oberzaucher

Infants’ understanding of another individual’s need

Moritz Köster & Joscha Kärtner

Are pain gestures derived from auto-therapy?

Elisabeth Oberzaucher, Susanne Schmehl, Anna Ensberger, Kathrin Masuch, Hanna Müller, Christoph Weinlinger, Georg Harrer

Emotional expression modulates the effect of stimulus sex on face reward value

Michal Kandrik, Amanda C Hahn, Joanna Wincenciak, Lisa M DeBruine & Benedict C Jones

10:2010:40 Coffee Break

10:4012:00 Paper Session 5

Perception of men’s strength is linked to facial cues to men’s physique

Iris J. Holzleitner & David I. Perrett

Domineering strategies in romantic partners: as self-reported statements in interview

Denisa Průšová, Kateřina Klapilová & Jitka Lindová

Mind the reputation – compliant behavior enhanced by visual factors

Romana Žihlavníková, Andrej Mentel, Ivan H. Tuf

Satisfaction in romantic relationship is associated with nonverbal similarity between partners

Jitka Lindová, Devin Johnson, Kateřina Klapilová & Jan Havlíček

12:001.30 Lunch

1.302.30 Paper Session 6

Owen Aldis: His legacy and his work

Carol Cronin Weisfeld & Glenn E. Weisfeld

Disgust and mating strategy

Laith Al-Shawaf

Serotonin transporter and oxytocin receptor genes interact to predict aggression in Ob Ugric people

Polina Butovskaya, Marina Butovskaya, Araceli Rosa, Fedenok J, Lazebny O, Ryskov A


2.504:15 Workshops

2.50 – 3.15

Promoting your research

S. Craig Roberts


The art of scientific photography: How to take photographs for research purposes

Vit Trebicky and Jitka Fialová

4:15late. An evening of social and cultural activities

Transfer to Akropolis and the Akropolis Museum, dinner

Saturday, May 16th

Symposium: Ethology of Arts

9:0010:00 Plenary talk

Tracing the behavioural evolution of Homo sapiensin southern Africa

Christopher Henshilwood & Karen van Niekerk

10.00–10.20 Gestural accentuation of genital display in in apotropaic female figures

Christa Sütterlin

10:2010:40 Coffee Break

10.4011.00 The doping example in competitive sports from the past until today; corruption as a strategy to survive?

Loukas Konstantinou & Zoi Tsioli 

11.0011.20Contemporary jewellery -innovation or mimesis?

Barbara Schmidt

11.20–11.40 Adaptationist thinking on the evolution of visual art: revaluing the ultimate-proximate distinction

Eveline Seghers

11.4012.00 Does environment influence ethno-linguistic diversity in New Guinea?

Nicolas Antunes, Marian Vanhaeren, Wulf Schiefenhövel, Solange Rigaud, William E. Banks, Francesco d'Errico

12.0012.20 General Discussion

12:201:30 Lunch

1.302.50Paper Session 7

Similarities and differences between heterosexual and homosexual couples based on MARQ data

Kraig Shattuck & Carol Weisfeld

Androgen receptor gene polymorphism, aggression and reproduction in traditional pastoralists of Tanzania

Marina Butovskaya, Lazebny OE, Vasilyev VA, Dronova DA, Karelin DV, Mabulla A, Shibalev DV, Shackelford TK, Fink B & Ryskov AP

Mate value, reciprocity, mate retention, and cost/benefits delivery in couples

Ana Maria Fernandez, Michele Dufey, Jose Antonio Muñoz, Paula Pavez, Diana Rivera & Juan Enrique Wilson

Parental relationship quality predicts mate preference in somatotypes for heterosexual women not homosexual men

Devin Johnson, Zuzanna Štěrbová, Vit Třebicky, Jan Havlíček & Jarka Valentova

3:003.30 Coffee Break

3.30–4.30 Paper Session 8

Hunger, disgust and food neophobia

Tom Alley

Roots of morality

Gerhard Medicus

Context is everywhere, but what is it exactly?

Marc Mehu

4.307:00 Break and transfer to restaurant

7:00–10.00 Banquet

In a traditional restaurant and possibly in combination with a museum visit (e.g. National Archaeological Museum)

Sunday, May 17th

Optional trip to Cape Sounion, the Temple of Poseidon (numbers permitting)