Call for Papers


Proposals for oral and poster presentations will be considered for inclusion in the programme if they are received for review by 10st February 2015.

We also very much welcome proposals for workshops (see below).

Two presentations as first author, with a maximum of one oral presentation, is the limit for every contributor (not including workshops). Our meeting is designed to be a veritable symposium, i.e. a lively mix of intellectually appealing sets of data, ideas and discussions plus experiencing culinary, oenelogical, archaeological, architectural, philosophical and other aspects of the Greek way of life. As this won’t be one of the big anonymous congresses with many people, we hope that every participant will be able to stay throughout the meeting. This way, we will form a coherent group of audience cum presenters which hopefully will stay together to enjoy the formal and informal talks. Please inform us ( by January 31st 2015 in case you have a specific time constraint.

First author students whose contribution has been accepted as oral or poster paper will be exempted from registration fee and will receive free (shared) student accommodation.

Oral presentations (except the lectures by invited speakers) will be limited to 15 minutes talk plus 5 minutes for questions and discussion. Please adhere to this format, which will be enforced by the chairpersons. Our Summer Institutes lives of the exchange between the younger and the older generation. Discussion is the key.

We will make sure that the poster session is attractive for everyone and thereby an important, integral part of the Summer Institute. The best poster(s) will be awarded a prize by ISHE. If your submission is accepted for presentation as a poster, we will send detailed information to assist you in preparing your materials in the required format.

General Instructions for Oral and Poster Proposals

Abstract proposals should be sent by email to the Chair of the Program Committee (, ensuring these arrive, at the latest, by the deadline of 31stJanuary 2015.

Please provide the following information:

1. Title of presentation – must not exceed 13 words

2. Name, e-mail address of person delivering presentation, complete mailing address, phone number, and affiliation (department, etc.). In case of multiple authorship, the person whose name is listed first normally is expected to deliver the presentation.

3. Ordered list of the names and affiliation of all co-authors.

4. Preference for presentation in a poster session or in a paper session.

5. Summary of 75 to 120 words for inclusion in the conference program. The summary should include a brief statement of the problem or issue, methods and results, and conclusions.

6. A 300-500 word abstract for review by the Program Committee.

Proposals for workshops

We invite participants to contact colleagues, young and more senior, to organise a workshop on one of the three topics
1. Human ethology of the Arts
2. Human ethology of Play

3. Human ethology of Corruption

Workshop format is flexible and would usually last between 1 and 2 hours. Please send a brief outline of the workshop, including aims, relevant methodologies or techniques that will be addressed, and name, affiliation, and address (also the same information for other presenters, if relevant).